Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Great way to kick-off the Thanksgiving weekend. Ran this morning with friend Toby. He's quite fit coming off a solid year of rock climbing, running along with everything else that guy does in the spirit of adventure and good beer.

We bagged Cowles and Pyles Peak this morning. Why I don't get my white ass out of bed every early morning and get the run done is beyond me. I guess if I don't have another fiend to meet at a TH, the pillow is just too cool. But then the early morning suffering takes the place of all that sleeping non-sense and I feel insanely ready to go. One less thing to do before miller time.

The altimeter, which has seen better days I'm afraid (based-on fading digital graphics, moisture seemingly inside the watch like it's perspiring with me during a run!) read 1856 accum for the little 6.2 mile trip that includes a couple of peaks. For a little morning run before work, this just gets me fired-up. And my feet, though a little beat-up, feel great overall. I rolled the ankle a couple of times, but that's status-quo. I'm just happy to say I'm finding that equilibrium again.

And with races on the calendar that include a lot of climbing (for me), I need more of this Winning!

On the way back from the trail I listened to Doug Flutie on the radio being interviewed by Dan Patrick. I wish I could post it. He completely echoes my Tebow post, all the way down to the point that people want him to fail. Winning!

I look forward to my new training regimen that starts after the Thanksgiving weekend. It's a dietary experiment. Right now, the plan is to switch to lager for some unspecified duration and see how that affects my build to this new level of fitness I'll need to destroy very steep trails and a couple of spring ultras. This will be quite new for me, being that I'm a tried and true aler. But I'm excited. Jon Teisher seems to be willing to help monitor my progress. I'm definitely excited for this new chapter in my training to be the best I can be. Winning!

I'll try to post some pics of the trails this weekend. Desert/mountain running in between turkey-beer buffets.



  1. "destroy very steep trails" might be the best 4 words you've ever written. However, the word "lager" lies right above them...
    Lager won't change your build - Tom Boonen drinks all the best Belgain Ales.
    Glad to hear your foot is better and you're rolling your ankle a few times a run like everyone else.

  2. Cheers, Rick! I have loooooong way to go, in so many ways. All I can say is lager me.