Thursday, December 8, 2011


Tis the season. My odd job is going on break, the weather is cooler (as in I might want to ask for a new cooler for Christmas) and the children are giddy (which would include me).

Just had a birthday; got to spend a little time in Bevmo, a couple of sweaters, and a beenie. Oh, and a gift certificate for some running shoes. Pretty much as perfect as it gets.

The foot/ankle got a little spun when I twisted a couple of weeks ago in the midst of pushing some hills (~8000ft on the week which is like Himalayan for me). Running every other day to get this thing straightened-out. Just getting old.

This study was pretty conclusive. Not a huge fan of Hercules Double IPA. No head, good dark amber color, syrupy and a little hoppy but not that hoppy. I guess I'm just SoCal conditioned. No one beats our big hop style. Hercules reminds me of the Gubna, definitely a style issue.

Olympia kicked its ass.


  1. I drank some Olympia at the Double Down in Vegas! Great stuff!

  2. I agree. I remember my Dad chugging this stuff in the 70s (I think). Old school.