Sunday, December 11, 2011

I am fat

We have so much food in this house. It's good food, I think, but my God. So this week is a bender of home cooked madness. Lots of killer salads. Stay. On. Track.

I'm trying to really drop some weight. And I am not going to not have a beer or two every other day. I ran today, the foot feels like it's back on track, so I am going to up the mileage and continue to lift a little, a little core, etc. I'm afraid that should read ". . .a lot, a lot . . ."

Maybe I'm just doomed to be the slightly chubby guy. I think the push of volume will solve a lot of this mess. I do like to eat. Period. And I like beer. But this guy has to get lighter sooner than later.

I'm like the guy with a 15 lbs weight vest who wants to return it to Sports Chalet but he can't find the receipt.

Cheers to that run today and getting after some longer stuff starting this week.


  1. Try and get in the habit of doing something everyday. If you run 5x/week, then be sure to do some push/pull/sit-ups on the other 2 days. If you run 5-7 days a week and do a variation of push/pull/sit-ups 3-4x/week, you'll have a hard time consuming more calories than you'll burn.

  2. Sound good, my friend. Bad habits, being a little lazy, and "taking care" of the boy can all get in the way of walking that straight line.

    Then, in a fit of disgust, I drink 3 beers and eat some wings (I love wings with my ale!).

    Did you catch the Div I soccer tourney final? The Tar Heels came-out on top. Actually, so good ball. Better than MLS, for some reason.

  3. That was some of the best college soccer I've seen. It's usually dominated by defense since college soccer players tend to be better athletes than they are soccer players, but these guys seemed to be bridging that gap a little earlier than most american college soccer players. Or, perhaps they have a large base of foreign players - I didn't check the roster, though;-)
    Here are a few tricks I have when taking care of the kids - I do push-ups with them on my back. I can't do many, so I make it fun for them and do a ladder. I'll kill myself to do 20, then rest, then 15, then 10, then 5. With wings and beer, you can hammer out some sit-ups, before any consumption. Like 50 sit-ups for each beer! 50 sit-ups only takes about a minute so no excuses on time here!! Just make it fun, make it a game with the boy and it will be easy. My kids ask to get on my back now to do push ups, so I'm now held accountable - didn't count on that, but it's definitely a plus!!

  4. There was definitely some good ball. The kid Speis was sick. He was on the '10 national champ Akron team so he went back to back! Glad you watched too. I love the advice on burning cals. I'm on it.