Monday, December 19, 2011

I just read some commentary on a running blog

about how commentary on running blogs can symbolize a kind of pathetic voyeurism. He vaguely references all matters of blog discussions that people have about, I suppose, all kinds of topics relating to, in this case, the trail. He doesn't like the fact that the sport of trail running is being treated like a sport, as in the kind that people watch on TV.

This kind of bullshit mightier-than-thou player hating is retarded. Some people think this sport is being taken more seriously. People naturally "over think" certain issues when this kind of maturity occurs in a culture or business. There's more going on, more coverage (by more mainstream entities, not just blogs). I'm sure people like that can continue to find the blogs that only talk about VO2 max or a wet trail in Florida where there were weird noises coming from the bushes.

The bottomline is all of this blogosphere is commentary and analysis. It might be about training. It might be about a pair of shoes or a hydration pack. The blogger might even be talking about how a race went down. Hell, there might be a movie review that takes a critical turn and readers debate said criticism. The discussion might get spirited. That's the blogosphere.

But to hypocritically commentate about the commentary and in-turn stick your nose up at it and call it misguided, unwarranted, or somehow the work of some impostor or fake, said in the most vaguely targeted manner possible, generalizing the entire blog community minus your BFFs, is weak, poorly executed, and a cop out at best.


  1. i am not sure what blog it was but I agree with you.

  2. I hope he reads my post, but no need to advertise his hipster bullshit. GZ finds them all (hint: yesterday).

    Nice suggestions on the crunches, dude. More beer means more crunches. I have NEVER been so motivated to do crunches, which I usually hate. If that says something about me, so be it. My wife's like what do you want for Christmas? I'm like, shoes, socks and. . . uhhh. . . killer beer. May sound cheesy, but is what it is.