Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Had to shorten our stay in the mountains. No run up there and the conditions were PERFECT.
A child's allergies, a dusty ass cabin and there you have it. However, we had an incredible xmas eve with incredible eats. And the gifts were spot-on.

My favorite is the little flask I got for flat coke I'm going to use for that last climb at Mission Gorge. The field is toast.

Got home today and hit the cross-country course in Mission Bay, rolling grass in my new shoes. The shoes felt light and so good. So I got after it. Glycerin 8s. Used for $20, I kid you not. I think they're $120 retail, new. Love them.

5 miles in sub 38min with a mile cd. Fartlek. Never that uncomfortable.
Now it's REALLY time to mix-in my long run. The program is steady now, time is ticking (early Feb. mountain run). My feet will really benefit from the longer efforts.

The jump-roping is helping a lot. And don't even get me started on the hoola-hoop.

At home, cabbage meatballs made by my Albanian father in law and a very solid double IPA. Cheers.


  1. Any balls, minus Lord Balls, with a Da-Bull IPA are good! Keep at it my friend.

  2. Ha! Good stuff, daddy-o.

    Rick Merriman, Esq. of the firm Spikes Up Mother Fucker.