Saturday, November 1, 2008

10/27 to 11/2 and a haiku

A pic from the race last weekend. Man, I had so much more to give!

This week was very very mellow: too mellow but I liked it and now it's time to get very serious about Hawaii. I think Trevor is teaching me one principle fa show: when it's time to go easy GO EZ and when it's time to go hard. . .

The week's plan called for running easy 30 pretty much every other day and a lot of stretching. I started stretching more consistently this week, and I need to keep at it! I walked a lot this week and ran a little to and from classes. I was literally so busy I had to run from appointment to appointment some days, but these were not runs; I moved around a lot on my feet, but did not really run this week until late.

On Friday I worked out at the gym for an hour and sat in the sauna for 15 min. I'm becoming addicted to the sauna for two reasons: It feels great short term and long term. Saturday's activities consisted of watching my kid play soccer down at the Y and later pound a "jumper" at some kid's birthday party. Today (Sunday) I did a 1:35 trail run with about 1400ft. of ascent. I was worked! I did not fuel very well this week, especially last night! It was a very chill trail run. My patellar felt so so but I could tell the down time was good (I'm afraid this is going to nag). I ran the last 45 at "race pace." It was pretty strong, but I was pretty worked. Then I went to the gym and spun on the trainer for 10 and hit the sauna for 15. Love it! I was wasted good after it all. It's on.

Towards dying in a race
Is living from the cave, man!
Train. To win. Win to train!

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