Monday, March 30, 2009

3/23 to 3/29

Monday 3/23 – Mom’s birthday

Gym – gnarly core session ~30 min., spin for 20 high rpm, run for 20 min. 2 Sierra Nevada Torpedos to celebrate Mom’s B-day, my healthy thyroid and my wife’s successful seminar at work. Oh, and my kid’s a stud.

Tuesday 3/24

1:10 hour run, easy. Tight hamstrings, but aerobic runs shouldn’t bother that. In fact help. They feel good. Longest run in a long time. Outside, around Mission Bay, mostly on dirt and grass.

Wednesday 3/25


Thursday 3/26

EZ 6 miler in 49:50. Beautiful day. This was very mellow, which is a good sign. I thought a lot about cadence, how I’m finding my current cadence, or rhythm. To try and force a quicker “cadence” is like dancing to music you’re not in the mood for: I’m outta here. Not what I’m starting to find on my runs. The base, the enhanced MAF: This is my gig. Be consistent. Be consistent. Repeat.

Friday 3/27

About 40 min of core BEFORE the exercise. That’s key. Then 35 min spin with some high rpm and low rpm, followed by 20 min. run on the mill. Just an EZ day. In fact it’s all EZ these days, but I think I’m getting fit enough to go out on occasion to run fun.

Saturday 3/28

1:05 EZ/”steady” run.

Sunday 3/29

1 hr. hike with family.

Exercise everyday but Wednesdays which are very busy work-wise. No excuse. In two weeks I pick-up more work on my light days so for the next 6 weeks, I will be very very busy. I have to get up early and get the run in. I’m just not feeling it, and I almost always have the time to do later. That will change and so will I by necessity.

Not motivated at all to go big, yet. I just want to be consistent. Racing? Whatever. Reading all of these race reports, mid-season training makes me sorta shrug the shoulders. I just want to be healthy and get fit(ter).

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