Sunday, March 15, 2009

March on

The meds are done, energy's back and I do feel better (although I'm having some blood work done this week because I have other concerns).

Sunday 3/8
60 min spin. And then I threw my lower back putting on a sock! I’ve been working on my lower back so it’s obviously a stress.

Monday 3/9
30 min. run

Tuesday 3/10
Run 30 min.
Spin 10 min.

Wed 3/11

Thursday 3/12
45 minute run (40 ~9:30 avg, finished with sub 2min @ sub 7:00)
spin for 15 min.

Friday 3/13
45 minute run

Saturday 3/14
45 minute run

Sunday 3/15
45 minute run final 2 miles ~8:00 mile.

The key here is the 45 minute runs everyday since Thursday. 45 min. runs are great right now. I'm going to build build build. It's just nice to be running strong(er). Tonight the HR (yeah I'm checking periodically) was really good.
My body wanted to run faster, but I kept things totally in check. I'm going to build a base like last year. I will run hard when I can (when I can tag along with someone like JW!), but it's about getting strong and injury/cold proof.

That is the theme. March is January. I'm starting over. My big races are in (generally speaking) August, October, November and December. Staying healthy is the number one goal. Everything else is secondary. If I stay healthy, I will get stronger and since I'm getting smarter (right?), I should get faster. Whatever.

It's just nice to run and as one said to me recently "Get healed, get rid of your cold, and get some vitality back in your days and ways."


  1. i am stoked to hear things are coming around... be patient. Still hitting those core session? got myrtl?

    I will be out of town and the end of this week so time meet up is limited. Lets shoot for next week.

  2. aye aye. I hear ya on the priorities: patience and core. I hate to admit it (this is a kind of addendum to my post) but right now it's all about MAF (translated: being patient) and core. I just want to be in shape to digest rocks and other 40-44ers come summertime :-)

    JW, in the spirit of it all sip a little Jameson with an an ale back on the 17th!