Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's go time

I mean it's time to start blobbing more frequently.

I had a nice 7 mile trail run today. I'm getting healthier and today's run aside from feeling like I was carrying a large bundle of delayed gratification, got me thinking about running and the year ahead. I ran easy, but the 1000+ft. of vertical turned that into a little more than easy. Nonetheless, my newest translation of this Lydiard-esque training is upon me. I stumbled upon this post, and via a link there found this web page that covered me with the Lydiard discourse like I've never. I think I popped a brew and read for a while.

I love Lydiard's recommendations for building mileage. Basically, according to the interpreters, one should be at 100 mile weeks within 9 weeks. You can hear the guys go back and forth some on that discussion of Lydiard's training philosophy. It's a pretty basic approach. But without totally exposing my ignorance, I just want to get back to running often, healthfully, and longly ;-)

Besides, I have some longer races I'd REALLY like to participate in. Back to today's run, the thoughts I had about my training, Lydiard, etc. I will run easy as much as I can (those runs will become faster and faster, as anyone who's done such training will admit). I think running with others will help, too. The weekly fun run will be that type of run where I can throw-down a little. But I want to run as easy and as long as I can. It's healthy and that's the goal. However, here's the part where my fingers are crossed. As I get fitter and stronger, these easy runs will be done on more and more hills. That's what I want to run. Certainly I don't want to relegate myself to miles and miles of slow turn-over, but the rolling course has all the carrots I need. Plenty of running will be done on the mill at the gym and on filler days where I'm just trying to stay busy. But my "easy" runs will be only PE easy and will give me a chance to strengthen that which I'll really need. So this differs from the flat, low HR LSD.

Pete Magill is such a good read and speaks to such training often. Thanks to GZ for all of these links. I'm serious.

The track and intervals are months away. Spending even 6 weeks building speed for a race is, for me and my limited scope on the subject, so much work that will have me firing away. But I'll get all of that clarified when the time comes, post-June.

So, it's running time. Wednesday's are off. Every other day gets some.

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