Monday, March 23, 2009

A Good Week

Last week was good.

Monday - ~1 hour of aerobic work, 35 min. running.

Tuesday - 45 min aerobic run.

Wed. - Off

Thursday - 7 mile trail run at Mission Trails. ~ 1 hour
1000ft.+ vert. Great day. Wrote about it in previous post.

Friday - ~1 hour of aerobic work, 35 min. running.

Saturday - 45 min. run around the neighborhood. Not flat.

Sunday - 1 hour aerobic work, 40 min. run.

The key is the consistency. 2 days of core work. Need to do more, but I'm being consistent.

This week, so far, is better.

I got the results of my blood work. My doctor asks, "you're on the medication, right?" I am not. Bottom-line: my thyroid is essentially normal. Very good. Thanks to the tri-club message board for all of the great feedback. I'll test again in a year. I think the diet is fairly solid. I'm an aspiring vegitarian with meat tendencies.

The health and strength are building. More trails this week.


  1. I'm an aspiring vegitarian with meat tendencies.

    Now that is funny. So many places I can take that.

    Keep at it with the consistency and build on that.

  2. where you could take that, guy- driving-around-naked-w/family?

  3. I am an aspiring Buddhist with emotional tenancies to solve shit right now.

  4. Nice.

    I am an aspiring hero with heroine tendencies . . .

    I am an aspiring liberal with tendencies towards embracing what daddy taught me. . .