Monday, August 17, 2009

Dog Daze

This morning I ran 8 miles on a dirt track (that had 1000ft. of elev. gain) and pushed the pace a little (last mile ~7:00). The leg felt pretty good, which was a big reason to push; I'd already decided to run the 25k next Saturday, but this is confirmation. I should be okay, slow, but okay. I just haven't run enough at all to have any expectation to go very hard. Of course, at least I'm running. I'd signed-up for the 50k (2 loops of the track I'll run), but that will have to wait. Running 31 miles would definitely not be ideal for the leg even though I am (HOPEFULLY) on the mend.

Then I have a couple weeks to get ready for my first xc race. JW sort reminded me of that series which was on my list way back when my expectations for 09 were bigger than my world could afford. So a 4 miler in Balboa Park should be very nice. If I can get this injury in the rear-view, I can continue to build aerobic and speed and definitely race more this fall. Actually, that's when a lot of stuff goes down here in So Cal. So, for sure 09 can still be a very productive year. Again, the goal is to get the 50k done.

Part of keeping all of this on track is the more balanced approach that I'll have. I've been lifting a little more and doing other cardio work-outs because of the injury. Saturday I did 45 minutes of water running which felt like I was just chilling even though I worked. I pushed it, but it was fairly easy, which is good I guess.

I also met-up with a PT on Sunday. My wife and I got a good deal on 6 sessions with some SDSU kinesiology grad. Cool guy. Young. We'll see how that goes but either way, the goal is just to learn some of the "tricks" of the trade. For instance, keep your feet off the ground when you do these, which engages the core, etc. My focus is the core and overall strength. I should benefit for sure along with my wife. Win win.

Last week, climbed Cowles Mt. a couple of times, did some water running and a little trail today. I'm ready for a 25k w/~3000ft. up! It should be good.

EDIT: I strained my groin today grappling! F%ck! Hit the jacuzzi at the gym and fired some jets at my package which, well, had mixed results. Time for beer.

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