Friday, August 21, 2009

A race

I swear, I'm sitting here watching Thomas the Tank Engine, another day off. Weather is perfect, some clouds and cooler weather in southern California for the day or two.

Just banging around the net, waiting to go for a little run and then pick-up my son from school and then goof around. I came across this about a minute ago. The guy is All Over the Planet, killing it, seemingly a very singular life of these particular times. He's in the barrel like MJ in his time perhaps. I don't have a term yet to describe him (he's not a cultural icon, nor is he super star). Of course, my point-of-view has as much to do with such a nomenclature as does Lance's star-ability. He's just killing it, podium, 100mile mtb mash, hanging with Frank Ghery, having a new baby, chilling with other random information/sports/entertainment players, smiling, sharing, surviving, advocating yada yada. He is killing and resisting trend.

Tomorrow I head to the little mountains of Malibu and run a trail race. I'm glad I'm going despite the fact that I am pretty heavy and slow right now. Looking back, I haven't raced since December of 08. I had a fun 08 trail running, running a lot and finishing in Hawaii. I had a pretty solid cold that plagued me from (off and on) November to February(?). But the race in Hawaii was good (finishing 10th in my agegroup of a fairly fast race -- Max King won it). The trip was great with wife and child.

But then the new year despite a fairly nice healthy list of trail goals has been kinda odd. I started-off the year with a little leg strain working with Trevor. Still fighting the cold, I got into a nice little program that had me running a lot, fairly hard, hitting hills, etc. Between the cold and tough program (going a little too hard I'm afraid), I broke down. I stayed active, but really just cruised (trainer, elliptical or running). Seeing the writing on the wall -- my wife was studying for a test, which she passed and proceeded to register, study for and pass the subsequent (final) test for that certification (she's a doctor of psychology now) which occurred at the end of July -- I pretty much relegated much of 09, at least the spring and summer, to training.

How has that gone? A lot of discourse with the usual suspects and doing a lot of aerobic training. That went well for about 2 months, but then I developed a shin splint about 3 weeks ago. Training adjusted for that. In the last week and a half, I did get into some trail running, shuffling up Cowles mountain a couple of times (1.5 up +1500ft up) and getting in a few other runs without HRM, just running and feeling the shin a bit, but getting better (alwasys feeling better on up and down than on flat). Then at the beginning of this week (Monday) after a hard trail run, I was working-out and strained my groin. Took Tuesday and Wednesday off, ran 2 miles yesterday (haven been actively recovering) and here I am, watching Thomas the Tank Engine (great stuff).

I'm going to run about 2 miles today. Then I'm going to play with Jack, eat something yummy and fall asleep spooning my boy.
Believe it.

Getting ready to wake-up early and go to a race is great even if I feel out of shape and dull. Mentally/psychologically it's exciting. I have zero strategy other than finding some carpoolers at an Albertson's near the park because of the little parking drama. I was going to run the 50k when I signed up 2 months ago. I'll have to run that in the next couple of months because that's my goal. I can't wait to be in shape and run one of those. The training and goal race are lining-up (just stay healthy!). Instead of the 50k, I'm running the 25k (one loop instead of 2). I am taking the camera on the run. Should be an epic track. I'm going to go nice and easy. Actually I do have a strategy: progression run.

I have faith 09 will turn-out to be a great year running-wise. Philosophically, I'm much more comfortable. I just have to get the rest of me together.


  1. can't wait to hear about the race.... and the post race DIPA's!

    good luck and have fun!

  2. Doing some Dogfish now. 90 minute IPA is knocking this old man on his tail. Can't imagine a DIPA. Team DIPA? I like the sound of it.

    Was Thomas the Tank Engine (team TTTE) the same train as the "little engine that could?" (I think I can?)

    It all starts with a dream of I think I can. Then daring to do it.

    Live it bro.