Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eating the injury

My approach to this little shin splint has been almost reverent. Almost. I took a few days off originally, then just did some weights and walked a little, iced pretty regularly, applied Traumeel pretty regularly, pretty much wrote off running any 30 mile trail race anytime soon. . . then I went for a little trail run last Friday (a new one I will frequent a lot!), did a little 30 mile bike ride Saturday. . .took Sunday and Monday off . . . did a nice 30 minute trail run near work, and then today ran (slowly) up and down Cowles Mt., 4 miles, ~1700 ft. of climbing in 90 degree heat.

The shin splint is there sometimes though not when I run (which is one of the characteristics of the bastards). All in all, it's a little discomforting but I think I'm just going to continue to work on it --- I mean run. On Saturday I did a little water running, but not enough. I am going to ramp this up A LOT. No pavement. Just water and grass or trail.

As for the race next weekend, I think I can manage 1 loop. Will see. It's a bit of a drive and the whole process (getting this little nagging injury) has been a drag. But I'm coming. I have a vision.

As for the French vision I alluded to in my previous post, hey, a guy can dream. But realistically, if I'm dreaming like a champ, then I have maybe a bigger TV or more opportunity to lay around the house and watch the event from home. My brother-in-law pretty much set me straight on the bike ride on Saturday. But the more significant part of that post, of that goal, is the fact that I have goals in mind. I have a lot to overcome and I will post about it soon. The issue revolves around things we can't control. But then again we do have choices and we can always choose how we'll deal with the "valleys" of our journey. I'm lining-up some choices. Of course getting fit is of the up most importance. Eating right and exercising. We always have choices.

A little bit of food from the daze:

Mediterranean fish (halibut) and Israeli couscous

Greek salad and salmon burger

And for the record, I hope GZ has an epic race this weekend. I'm going-out on a limb: top 10. In any case, the guy's approach has been top notch. Kill it, Hang Nine!


  1. the food looks insane!

    keep up the work dude. shin splints are bitch. just keep taking care of them, stretch the calves, make sure you shoes are solid.

    will let you know about baseball next week. might be able to make tues night.

  2. thanks, JW. i think the flip flops are toast other than going from couch to fridge :-)

    i'm psyched for beers. . .er . . i mean a pads game!