Sunday, October 11, 2009

The beginning of the end?

Hopefully this is the end of my off-season and I can start to get some full health in place and start to really build. I had a good week of building, but can feel yesterday's run in my upper chest (nothing too bad). I'm not even 85%, but I've been working-out. I'd like this next week to be "WEEK ONE" in my (end of) '09 - '10 campaign.

Here's my little comeback, so far:

9/30 - 4 miles

10/1 - 2 miles

10/3 - 2.5 mile hike on Ray Miller

10/4 - 4 miles (went too hard at the end. .. "I want to run, bad.")

10/5 - 4 miles (felt pretty weak)

10/7 - 40 minutes on my trainer

10/8 - 5 miles on hilly trail (run/hike)

10/9 - 8 miles (6-am & 2-pm) Felt very very tired/weak, elevated HR

10/10 - 7.5 miles, hilly. Energy was pretty good so I just ran, but the HR was way too high. Oh well. It "felt" good.

10/11 (today) - 1 hour at the gym doing core and strength work. I will take the rest of the day off. Yesterdays ("hard") run kicked my ass. I'm going to hunker-down and hope this next week can build.

~37 miles in a week and a half.

I'm drinking a bud lite right now at 12:30 watching baseball and football and procrastinating the 100+ papers I have to grade. Yuck. If I end-up in the Hop Head, trouble.

Congrats to Craig Alexander and Chrissie Wellington. Pretty convincing.

And congrats to JW on his first CX win.


  1. Every day is the day to restart. Get after it.

  2. I think your problem is you're drinking a Bud. Put that down and get a good beer, man!!

  3. i agree with JP. if you replaced that bud light with a GF imperial you whole perspective would change!

    angles vs. rox... please!

  4. Amen, on the halos v rox.

    but you got a tell your buddy, who's a big GF fan(?), wedding on the day of the festival? whas up?!