Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No Mas . . . Data . . .Fo reels

Solid 5 miler this am no HR data, no Garmin, no nada. Just the feeling that I would be having a heart attack around the next bend in the trail. And this is how I will roll.

The dumbest thing I can ever say is that the blogosphere has made me a slower runner. But sometimes the dumbest thing someone might say, might just have a point. Let's just say I'm going to run like I used too, dumb and full of the need to get after it without comparison or commentary. Just run. I used to run organically. Now I just try to eat that way. Well, ironically, I'm full of shit now. So, time to run. No data to compile other than the knowledge that I worked that day and the day after. This is the plan along with weights and core. My wife and I had a little stint with a Personal Trainer, so I have some "routines" that enable me to think less, maintain my dumbness. Run and get strong. And I will hit the bike. After all, it's laughing at my dumb ass right now, insisting I don't have the manhood to ride. We'll see.

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