Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some exercise

Last Wednesday I ran 4 miles and felt great, even blobbed about how great it was. Whatever. Well, it beat me up. I just wasn't quite over the sickness. Did another 2 miles on Thursday. Friday traveled up the coast to go camping. Saturday did 2.5 miles and some climbing but that was a hike. Then I slept a lot, on the beach, in the tent, between beers. Sunday, got home and ran 4 miles pretty solid, finishing with a little intensity. Almost threw-up and didn't go that hard. Monday, feeling a little iffy, ran 4 more miles. Tuesday (today) took off because of work and just knew I needed to stay off.

Couple of good points came-up about working-out with a cold on GZ's blog. I knew I was going a bit too hard during some of my runs, even if I wasn't going hard. HR too high. So, I'll hit the bike tomorrow and see where I am. I feel better today. I mean it. I know it. After my night class got out at 9:00pm, I sprinted back to my car. I'm ready to go tomorrow. Let's do this!

So for the week so far, I have 12 miles.

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