Saturday, October 24, 2009

One foot in-front of the other. . .

Friday, I did a couple of shots of flax-seed oil and then ran 1:15 aerobically with a little progression at the end. Felt great afterward which says it all. Of course slamming my recovery drink post run was key too. I have to get this immunity system back together!

Saturday (today), rode the trainer for 45 minutes in the garage, mixing-up the gears and then quickly jumped into my running cloth and did 50 minutes. Again, all aerobic but for a little progression at the end. Felt great.

Listened to a little Zeppelin today. They are the best. . .ever. By the way, John Paul Jones, Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and Dave Grohl have started a new band: Them Crooked Vultures. Queens is the shit. Grohl worked with them on Songs for the Deaf. JPJ: enough said. Stoked.

These work-outs were good. Goal: strong and fast. And stay healthy. Health is wealth.


  1. What is that header shot?

    And what does the flax seed oil do?

  2. GZ,
    The photo was taken on top of the mountain of World of Hurt 25/50k in Boulder City outside of Vegas. Vegas is in the distance behind the photographer.

    I think I was reading a D.Karzanes race report from that Sahara desert stage race? He was saying a few of the runners were sustaining themselves on viles of olive oil.
    What that has to do with my mentioning flax seed oil, I don't know. I'm trying to burn fat on my runs? It sounds a little disgusting/intriguing?


    I had the same experience as you last night/this morning. Only I couldn't run 13 miles. Good job, dood.

    You better be running a marathon/ultra marathon one of these days.

  3. i would not have run 13 miles but my neigbhor kept me going. "let's go out another block." DUDE. I was dying but I was not going to buck down ... I had to keep the rep in the hood as that crazy runner guy.

    Not familiar really with flax seed oil but it sounds really gross.