Sunday, October 11, 2009

We have a lot of work to do!

Here's an email I pulled from the Triathlon Club of San Diego "message board."


List mates

I sipped my coffee this morning and read the LA Times.In the pictures I saw snow on the ground in America.But none in San Diego.Then I thought of my friend Clayton Griessmeyer who now lives and practices law in Wisconsin..He tells me its getting cold.I miss him.Were sure lucky here.

Seconds latter, I reflected on yesterdays Hawaiian Ironman,which signals the traditional close of the Triathlon season.Even most Bicycle races.

With that said, may I share with you all a poem my mentor Gerry Spence,Esq wrote for his wife Imaging,which captures the change in season.Its called First Snow.

First Snow

Together we watched the snow cover the ground

In ten minutes.

“Before it’s through

The snow will be up to the doorknob.”

Do you remember saying that?

Then we saw the golden ground give up,

The tall summer grasses, frightened,

Standing stiff

Like old men frozen at the brink

Waiting to be smothered.

“Do not be afraid, grasses,” you said.

“Already you have seeded.

Do not shiver so.

But fight.” Do you remember how you said,

“Oh, please fight!”

And then the blood of golden grasses

Turned all white.

Warm Regards to you all this Fall. I look forward to next season... full of racing, friendship & adventure.


Richard __________


Clearly, a fine mention of the nice weather in San Diego vs. other parts of the country, and the popular sentiment whistling through the minds of many regarding the racing season.

However, I've been reminded too often via the blogosphere and elsewhere of how athletes embrace the change of season despite snow and other seasonal changes. Moreover, it. is. on. And any talk of respite, hiatus, off-season. . .be gone! We all live in the season of becoming a better human being which includes but is not limited to husband, father, brother, son, daughter, mother, wife. . . and athlete. And sure we need a little recovery now and then, for sure. But don't get carried away.

Let the good times roll! and don't stop believing. . .and let's get this party started!

I like GZ's mention today of how he's just exercising because he doesn't have a specific goal in mind. But you can see he wants to be ready. And obviously, the more active we are in our preparation/maintenance/drive to succeed, the better we are in other facets of life.

Btw, i gotta say watching the Yankees beat the Twins to clinch that divisional series had one real highpoint. After A-Rod tied the game at 1-1 with a solo blast, the Twin faithful chanted, quite well I might add, "Steroid. . . Steroid. . . ." etc.

I'm going to start twittering so I can yap about those kinds of things.

. . .and this Rockies/Phils game is great!

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