Monday, February 28, 2011


I ate a bunch of pasta and rice today. WTF. And had some ale and might eat some cake.

My diet is wide-open right now, which means I am eating and drinking whatever the hell I want. Not something for which I'm proud. There is that idea that I am running more and more, but still. I and most know that running around isn't necessarily going to make you thin. If I watched what I ate (whole foods!), didn't run but maybe lift a little weight, the lbs would starve.

I ran 60 miles last week on 5 days. My foot injury seems to be better (though I'll hold-out on a verdict). I want to work harder this week. I can rationalize the food and beer in-take.

But it's going to stop.

I do need to qualify by saying that the food is aaaaaaaalllllllllll homemade. And there have been some ridiculous salads and green shakes mixed-in. But discipline has been lacking.

Moreover, I haven't been lifting or doing any cross-training. Yeah, pretty sad.

I guess it's analogous to me (when I was younger) falling for some girl, spending a bunch of time with her and letting the rest of my life circle the drain. I am really enjoying running and recovering. Put a fork in me!

Well, this is all to say that I am going to start cleaning-up my act. I'm still going to see the girl. In fact, we're getting serious. But I will clean my room, do a little laundry. And Monday's (YIP, JUST ONE DAY A WEEK, MY DAY OFF RUNNING) will become a little day at the gym for some lifting, etc. This might just spawn more cross-training. Not really worried about it.

It's just about running right now. Getting long.


  1. Nice 60 mile week. Do you still plan on 10k vert this week? How about an ale for every 1,500' of vert you do this week? Vert up and swallow ale.

  2. sounds like a plan forming. Just so you know, I, like many runners talk a lot about core work but rarely (ever) do it. I think the only thing I do to improve my running (besides running) is some hip and stabilizer muscle strengthening exercises (nothing to do with the gut or back).

    I like Rick's suggestion. I'm bad at math and always struggle with decimal point placing, so I'm going with up 150 ft, down with an ale.

  3. I'll shoot for 10k this week.

    All that climbing and deep fresh air breaths
    tend to maximize the ale appetite. Ale up.

    Thanks for the hip reminder. Need to work that part of my gorgeous bod.