Sunday, November 1, 2009

End of a week

A good week of running. Ran on trail in Point Loma, Mission Trails, and hit a little dirt and pavement around town and Fiesta Island. It's the days of comfortable running doing ~1 hour a day. Today ~1:30. The runs are fairly ez with some little bursts at the end/here and there. I don't think a little uncomfortability can hurt a predominantly comfortable run. HR has been observed some and it's really aerobic but for the little surges. My 8 miler at fiesta island yesterday was a day of fatigue (not fitness breakthrough); had a hard time getting the HR up but for the end when I was dehydrated and pushing it a little. The trail runs are the best. I have a little .85 mile loop at Mission Trails that is not falling-off-a-cliff vertical that I can roll on with the Oakley Thump giving me some love. Good times. So nice to be running regularly again. The weather is perfect. I still think the best itinerary is San Diego Fall/Winter/Spring and Somewhere Else Summer. Crazy? Maybe.

Just a few pictures.

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