Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday and some Good Ale

I lazed around all day while wife did errands, and kid tried to give me whatever he's got. . . and I think I'm getting it. Sat around longer than I had to because I got kinda into the Rocky Raccoon 100 and the XC nationals which had a killer web-cast.

Did I feel a little like a slob sitting around on my computer? Pretty much. And I have a little sore throat now. But The RR100 turned-out to be pretty incredible. Colorado seems like the American ultra capital (I guess this perception is as much a product of the blogosphere as anything). And in the last year or so Alaska stole some thunder and then today a Brit living in the Bay Area (I think) did a nice little smack-down. In the end, this Brit Ian Sharman (I think's his name) averaged 7:38 pace for 100 miles.

I snuck out for a late day run. 6 miles, 1600ft. of vert. I basically hiked 3 miles and ran 3 miles. HR avg. 133. Feel a little better, but we'll see tomorrow. I need to go big.

Getting a run in this morning would have been great but I was a little groggy. I only had 3 beers and a glass a win last night, but they were fine.

Cruised by Toronado which is a beer lovers beer joint. I had a pint of Firestone Walker Double Jack. I've been craving a solid DIPA. This one did it. My second beer (I was only having 2 at Toronado) was going to be a Stone IPA Double Dry Hopped. The keg had just gone dry. Damn.
I could have had a Pliny the Elder or a Ballast Point Sculpin. But I wanted something a little more, perhaps going against what I said the other day: stick with what you like. Well, I do like Stone Arrogant Bastard. It is a solid strong ale, great label, and when you can pick-up a 22 bomb of it for around $3 -4, I'll take that over a lot of "prettier" beers. So, Toronado had an Arrogant Bastard that had been aged in oak on cask. I went in. Cask beers of course have a lot less carbonation, but then the wood always gives the beer some additional flavors. This was just plain creamy. I loved it.

And then I was off. Ended-up meeting some people at another place. I was already buzzed. So I took it easy. I had a glass of Spanish red wine, and then ordered a Racer 5 draft. Yum and done.


  1. Being sick, yuck. I work with a bunch of out of shape smokers who always seem to be sick.
    Just got picked 29th on the waitlist for hardrock.

  2. I think that means the chances of you getting in are good, right? You're an animal. That distance is just plain sick. Ening.