Sunday, February 27, 2011


From my training log:

"Pavement beat me up. Feet are sore but the left foot ankle feels pretty damn good! Fuck yeah!

Anyone want some pain? Hit the pavement for a long run.
Finished the run with hills. Money/hay in the bank/barn.

Work. Word."

Pretty stoked on the week. Ended with 60 miles after a 22 miler today. It did beat me up.
But I'll be stronger this week.

One day off (or I just go for a run) and then it's onto the trails and some vert.

Again, flat week was flat-out on target.

Next week: 50 miles and 10k vert? Let's do it.

I hope everyone had a killer week, injuries and all.


  1. good man! Grand Canyon and good beer. How's that for motivation?

  2. I'm a sucker for the whole ordeal, including running with series trail nut I met on the blog.

    Your training and guidance are key: my main motivation is training to a standard.