Saturday, February 26, 2011


From my training log:

"Another run just logging miles on the "bad" foot. Really wanted to get 8 miles in an hour and after that just cruised to 12. Pushed the pace a little but pretty comfortable. Saw my HR hit 163.
But kept it in cruise-control.

Icing and raising foot as we speak. Can't wait to have a few beers later!"

Having fun this week just running. No climbing other than a little on Wed and that was minimal.
This week is like I'm training for a road half or full marry. I like the break from the usual. First of all, it's needed for the foot. If I was trying to rip single-track on this foot, I'd probably aggravate. Secondly, I'm getting a chance to work-on pace. My aerobic and AeT are improving. This is a big plus. I still have time to return to the vertical, but it's nice to work-on some turn-over.

I really hope I can run 22 tomorrow and that my foot gets through with very little discomfort.
This would be HUGE.

I like to shnake stuff from one of the guys on my list. This is cool.

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