Wednesday, February 2, 2011


11 miles with a little 2 mile cruise interval in there. Some hills - 1100ft. & mostly on the road.
Tough run even though a lot of easy pacing. Cold santa ana winds were right there. Good stuff.

Nice little reminder on the run. Just cruising along looking around taking in my surroundings appreciating my environment. . . no music. . . what I should be doing, no? An elderly man walking on the sidewalk says, quite pointedly, "Good Afternoon." I responded quickly, "Hello!" I was caught off-guard and I think that was his point.

Point made, my man.

On the same street I came up on an even older woman who looked at me and practically hugged me with her smile. "It's a little cold!" "It's that wind," I said. I waved and turned the corner, just as I heard her say "It's beautiful. . ."

I definitely want to stick around and get old. The world desperately needs the old.

A few recent pics.

What happened to my little one?

On top of Cowles Mt.

Chopped salad. The bomb. Grab, chop, season and grind.

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