Saturday, November 22, 2008

11/17 to 11/23

Monday - Coming down with my family's home brew cold, and having done my little hill sprint session on Sunday, I went to the gym, spun for 30 min. and hit the sauna with the belief that I could sweat this thing out. Sorta helped. Sorta didn't.

Tuesday - Wife and kid on their 2nd day of anti-biotics and I'm holding-on for dear life. I shut it down today. Most of my work-outs are quality at this point so in this condition, no chance. Work is very busy, too. So no go.

Wednesday - . . .by the hair of my chinny chin chin. Which means I'm not "sick" yet, but struggling and certainly not in a position to do flat or hill intervals! I also got word of a work-out on Friday, so I was definitely not going to jeopardize that. Another day off. . .

Thursday - Feeling a little better. Is it the CQ10 I've been on for a few months? If I make it without the Dr.'s help, big props. My respiratory weaknesses date back to when I was Jack's age. Asthmatically gifted with an allergy prowess to boot. But the lack of "partying" and regular exercise have done WONDERS for my system. The irony of me making it through this family bug is exemplary. I'm the poster child for trying to live "smart," for one's willingness and ability to "change."

Friday - Met-up with JW for a run; nuff said. We were meeting on some trails near his house with some good climbing (although I just read GZ's post, so "good climbing" is totally relative). I got up the coast a little early to do a 30min. warm-up. I hit an old trail I used to run on when I lived up there. 4 miles, 30 min., definitely not flat. Felt really bad first mile, but felt pretty good at the finish. JW and I ran a 7 mile loop in an hour, climbed about 1200ft., got to shoot the shit a bunch and then had a couple of cold ones afterwards (even got to say hi to Beth). Really good time. I can't wait to be 100% so he doesn't gap me that much (of course he was pretty wiped from some lifting so either way you look at it, it's a good time that includes getting dragged around by the champ). The guy's so fit and a true beer snob, so count me in! Good suds. Great trails. Really good time.

1:30 11+ miles. 1800ft. up.

Saturday - I was hoping to get in some kind of training today. But I am taxxxed! Definitely not feeling it. I sure hope to get something in tomorrow. The race is Dec. 7. More discourse has come my way and it looks like a great time. I should be running strong so long as I'm healthy. I have a good week and a half to really lay down some work. And then a few days to taper. That'll work.

Sunday - Zip. Still not 100% and I just don't want to do further damage when I am close. Very close. Tomorrow should be a go. Big week. Friday's run plus a little spinning early in the week was all I did. The Friday run was good because it included endurance work, hills, and a little push (I wouldn't say tempo) but I was running with a faster guy who made me push. I'm calling it my One-Stop work-out. Anyways, a very bad turn of events leading-up to Hawaii to come down with a bug like this, but I'm avoiding steroids and certainly getting so freakin' hungry to climb and go all out it's silly.

Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll.

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  1. Friday was awesome dude. Trails and beers is what i am all about these days. I am looking forward to hitting my trails with you again soon... and then we climb a lot!