Sunday, November 9, 2008

11/3 to 11/9

Monday – 20 minutes bike, 30 minutes run, sauna

Tuesday off

Wednesday – 2k/1k work-out. I am not wearing my HRM, so the prescribed efforts of this work-out are a little “off.” In the end, I probably go “too hard,” which is a good thing. I will dial this in. The work-out got improvised a little. Ass kicker. About 7 miles and then I hit the sauna.

Thursday – 20 minutes bike, 20 minutes elliptical, lifted abductors, hammys, stretched and sauna.

Friday – Hill workout. Very solid. Sunset was epic. Great venue and great workout. About 7 miles. I meant to say, this yielded about 1500ft. of climbing but it certainly wasn't your typical trail run with a bunch of elevation. Just goes to show how a little focus gets the job done!

Saturday – 45 minutes of aerobic gym work-out, 15 min. sauna, stretched.

Sunday – 10.5 miles, 2500ft. of climbing in the howling wind. 1 hr 45 min. Mission Trails is a tough place to “run” since there is just so much climbing. I took it easy because I had to and I could. Long run. This one works the ankles, hips - legs in general. It’s even pretty technical. Didn’t kill me, but a tough one.

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  1. sounds like a solid week. yeah, sunday was nasty weather, huh? nice work staying consistent.