Friday, November 28, 2008

More of the same

I still gots the cold! Didn't run on Thanksgiving and just sat around and ate, staying clear of the dairy since that does spectacularly on the mucus end of things. But then there was the mashed potatoes and the gravy. You put milk in those? Not from where I'm from, but my father in-law, a super competent food-guy, from Albania no less, always throws-down on the big day of thanks. So the potatoes might not have helped. I've been having a little nose/throat thing since all this started to happen about a week ago. The post nasal drip occurs, so lower respiratory gets involved. Thing is, it's tough to detect unless you exercise. It's not a lower infection, but, again, the post nasal's simply bringing goodies to its friend to the south.

This was confirmed today, running for about an hour. Went ez for about 3 miles, pushed a little for a couple miles (all relative especially if one's under the weather), and then did a couple 7 minute miles that actually felt pretty good, but the pressure on the chest was there. Yuck. Not good. It's not going away. I've been taking days off, laying low. I feel better now sitting here typing, but all this means is I want to get to the starting line healthy so I can have a good clean race and gobs of fun afterwards. That's all. Big game.

Reading all these running blogs and articles and talking to people who run. . . I'm not the classic runner. I like to compete and just have to stay consistent to become more of a runner. I certainly don't look like a runner. Don't talk like a runner, but I want to enter mountain/trail races and catch runners, or put distance on runners.

I gotta kick every trace of this upper respiratory transient out!

So I can hunt runners.

Jack. Check the posture. Pic 2: classic mid-fielder goods - ball control w/field of vision.

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  1. Por favor dale gracias a Dios que podes compartir este dia con tus seres querido Feliz navidad y Año Nuevo desde Argentina.