Sunday, November 30, 2008

Last Call

There won't be anything to post the rest of the week. Sure I'll have some work-outs, but it's just about getting healthy to race like an angel. This little cold thing is so puzzling. I thought about going to urgent care today to nab some anti-biotics so I could at least be ready to go next Sunday.
I steered clear of the infection when my family was getting beat-up. But then it sorta moved in. I laid low prior to running with JW. Again, great run, but I paid a little price. Since then, I've been trying to get-in some running, but just haven't been right. It's a sinus thing. So I've been over-dosing (literally) on Claritin 12 hr (the one you can't buy off the shelf but instead have to sign for with the pharmacist) and Flonase, a nasal anti-biotic I always have on hand. Every once in a while I'll hit the Albuterol inhaler (always have) just to make sure nothing is in the chest, which would mean "you're totally fuct." So, I'm not totally F'ed, but I'm not 100%, which has killed the training. Trevor's brilliant schedule got derailed two weeks ago, but I've been exercising because A) I'm training for the big fu*king race, dood! and B) exercise absolutely helps clear the system of these kinds of colds. So here I am. Friday I did 7 miles with a little push at the end. Felt like shit during, but pretty good afterwards. Saturday, an easy run to the track and then 4 miles on the track, 3 of which were just under 7 min. That was tough. I felt like shit. U'oh, I'm fuct. Slept about 11 hours and could've slept another 6. Thought I might go to urgent care since these meds are not kicking this thing and I HAVE TO GET 100%. But, again, I'm not wheezing, not blowing green snot. But I have no energy. What gives? Family went and saw Bolt today, the new Disney flick. Cool flick. I fell asleep for 2-3 minutes!

Has the jury reached a verdict? Yes, your honor. I am burned-out, fatigued, burned-out, burned-out, burned-out! I have been training for almost 12 months, or more! Sure I didn't race all summer, but that's even worse - I just pumped-out the miles, 50 mile weeks, pounding the ground. Yes, I'm over it. I remember Kerrie telling me sometime during the summer, "sounds like you need a break." Here we are. I think the cold is still part of the problem, but I think we're talking here about stress, distress, not eustress. The body is over it. So, I'm praying (feel free to kneel and join) to just get to the line and have one last orgasm of anaerobic effort so I crush this thing and then proceed to make James Walsh's off-season alter-ego look like a cub scout. Yeah, it's time to kick it and have a few. I'm not going to get in much training this week. I'd like one more real work-out to take place, but the rest of the week/weekend is stretching and sleeping, maybe some light spinning. That's all she wrote.

The race report and season in review will be the next post, perhaps with a picture of me chillin like a villain. Peace to everyone.

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