Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm swamped at work. I'm just about over that cold. The holidays officially start tomorrow (fun with a pinch of stress). And I'm itching to get-in this last little block of work-outs before Hawaii. The moral of the story is there is a lot getting in the way of me getting-on my groove. The inside story is more real than that: I'm burned-out. It's been a long year full of a lot of running.

I started this trail running endeavor about a year ago. My first race was Boney Mt., which throws-down in about a month. A lot of racing gets underway right about now - a new season. And I'm supposedly wrapping-up my year in about a week. Pining to nail work-outs that make me throw-up is not at the top of the list. Getting a little under the weather (three days off is all) is having its impact NOW! The cold weather and holidays make me want to eat drink and run long trails in my new shoes. Somehow I have to keep it real and keep my fast twitch muscles glowing!

I have to go to work in an hour (it's 5:00pm now!). I worked all day long.
Here's the plan:

1. Hit the gym tonight (hopefully) and get in a little fartlek.
2. Throw-down tomorrow morning, throw-up, and go to work; if I'm lucky do a double (EZ) in the afternoon (if I'm lucky).
3. Before the in-laws show-up.
4. Thursday off - have a GOOD ONE.
5. Friday thru Sunday: one hill throw-up work-out, one flat throw-up work-out and one long run.

We can not wait to get to Hawaii. We can not wait to KICK IT in the blue and white and whatever other beautiful shade is dangling around. But I have to throw-down. And I will. But things will be a lot better as long as I can get in some of these final vomit intervals.

Gotta love it.

Updating the Update:

Tuesday night: 15 min spin and 40 min "mild" predator run on a slight grade. Wasn't easy.

Wednesday morning: 40 minute tempo run with some hills. At times I felt really shelled; didn't wear any device so maybe a little too hard on the hills and felt that. Do I still have the cold? Seem a little down on energy. Good run. Glad I got it in. Done for the day.

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  1. dude ... there comes a time when we all need to chill. Ideally we pick when it is. I find in family life it is dealt to me more often than my choosing. Take what comes, enjoy the runs in between, throw away the watch and run like Rocky on the beach.