Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Weekend . . .in a santa ana wind . . .

Saturday - 1.5 hours, 2000ft. of climbing Mission Trails. Hiking and jogging downhill (w/one little uphill at the end). "The stairs" are NICE.

Sunday - 1.5 hours zone 2 run with Tom (the Harbor Island loop!). This run will be done again and again. Out the front door in the dawn. We met at 7am. Had the rest of the day to do nothing today but watch football, but in the future: chores, homework, family stuff, more miles! Early-bird gets the worm!

Pleased with the first weekend. A little volume, an early run, some climbing at the venue of 2/1 race (specificity), pretty good diet. Now for the tough part: the week. I want to hit some volume now. I will work on that, around 8-9 hours this week. Back to the tough part - the core work, jump roping, cycling, ie., back in the mix. I need to mix things up so I can get strong, psyched (have fun) and avoid injury. Take advantage of the time-off from work and a healthier son who is going back to school.

Great article about aging and performance in the new Runners World. I will discourse manana. Adios . . . Chargers. What a lame game.

Bring-on Monday!


  1. great weekend to start training. now get your but in the gym and get that core and strenght work down. the time is now.

    bummer about the bolts....

  2. Thanks, JW cuz i'm lagin a little
    with another cold! Go Cardinals!