Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thursday - Sunday

Thursday - 4 miles didn't feel great.

Work (spring semester) is underway so stress-level a little higher.

Friday - back at work, zip on the work-out front. My boy's 5th birthday. Other things going on. Waiting, also, for my schedule from Trevor. Can't wait.

Saturday - more birthday get togethering, no work-out. Huge nap!

Sunday - a.m. 9 miles (Harbor Island loop) with Tom. Felt better than last time (two weeks ago) but still coughing. With this inflammation, it might be good to mix-in some spinning since according to Tom's brother, a M.D., the "clearing-out" that seems to be going-on during a solid run is not actually a clearing-out, but rather an "irritating the freaking thing" situation. Hopefully the weather and some smarter work-outs will speed-up my recovery.

Sunday - p.m. 30 min. bigger gear spin at gym and a graded two on the treddy to wrap things up. 11 miles on the day with some good low HR exercise.

I count 40 miles on the week and it was fairly below average. Not bad.


  1. just stay consistend dude... but i didn't see anything about core work!!! don't make me call you out again....

    can we get tom out to the trails on sunday morning. it's been too long since i have had the chance to hang with him.