Friday, February 8, 2013


So so week of running, but today was about as fine as this glass of world class IPA I've got beside me; I'm beside myself.

- 4 miles Monday at Mission Trails

Tuesday off.  Felt a little discomfort in the achilles and like a wimp, I took day off.  Might've been smart?  who knows.

- 4 miles Wednesday treadmill.  Whatever.  Got it in.  Pace was okay.  I got to watch myself run in the mirror.  Our membership at the Y ends in 2 days.  Unless I start doing pool laps again, no worries.

Thursday off.  Same thing.  Just kinda hmmmmm.  Scared to death of a big set-back.

- 10 miles Friday (today):  Loved this.  Did 8 and then after a few errands and having to wait for someone, 2 ez ez miles.  I'm back!

We'll see.  Have to back this up, have a good weekend.

The eating is solid.  Gotta get the run back!!!

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