Saturday, February 9, 2013


I backed-up yesterday's 10 miles with a mellow 5 miles today.  The pace was perfect and I had no choice.  Coulda (shoulda?) rested for a solid Sunday, but this told me a bunch.  I felt the achilles last night.  No doubt.  I put on my compression socks after greasing up with some arnica, just took it ez and slept a bunch.  Woke up and did errands, chores, no worries, no "need" to run and lo and behold I had a window late in the day.  5 mellow miles.  And the achilles was solid.  Sure a little sensation.

- 4 miles Mission Trails

Had the greatest salad ever for dinner (my usual: arugula and a bunch of other goodies with the famous dressing).

Breakfast was a break burrito, lunch was an Udi pb&j.

Let's go!

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