Monday, February 11, 2013


With guests over Sunday, ate lasagna and had a piece of garlic bread and a piece of pie.  Not to that point where I tell extended family members I'll pass on that food.  No biggie, but I did feel like shit afterwards.  To my point, why salads and beer are the healthiest meal. 

Took Sunday off because we had a lot going on - traded in my car for another car, guests over, chores to make more presentable (I like yard work actually because you get a little work out and the place looks better afterwards - results!). 

But the real reason I took Sunday off is so I could be stronger today, which I was though pretty sore.  The key was backing up Friday's 10 miles on Saturday.  A 5 mile trail run did the trick. I felt good.  So I hit pause on Sunday.

- 6 miles at Mission Trails, with some definite rolling terrain.  Was really sore starting out.  Probably because I didn't warm-up, I just started running and wanted to run, so I just took off.  The pain subsided.  I felt good thereafter but I can still feel the run now.  Haven't checked the stats but probably climbed ~400 ft.  Very gradual.  Need to do 6-7 most days with a nice 10-12 mixed-in for the next couple of weeks.  The 10 Friday was a huge breakthrough.  Can't wait for the next one. Today seemed a bit of set-back, but I'll judge that tomorrow.

Peace out.

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