Sunday, February 3, 2013

End of Week

Friday I ran 6 miles on a rolling (flat) road that felt horrible.  First day on the thyroid meds (for the rest of my life!) so naturally I attributed my feeling on the run to that.  Great.  Whatever.  The achilles feels pretty damn good.  Find positive (repeat).

No running Saturday because of bizzy family crap and a day between these runs are key.  I am almost there (there meaning run anytime anywhere anydistance).  Patience.  Good day, Saturday.  A lot done, and cooked a killer dinner of pollo asada tacos.  Plus some epic brews and Tim, JW and Rick and confirm.

This morning, about 6 miles on the track and then through a nearby park.  The pace was way up, still comfortable, just jogging.  Probably too fast on the HR end (didn't wear HRM), but still comfortable and a good test of the achilles. Again, things are coming along.  I have no desire to start running hills.
The idea is to extend the runs, still go flat, mix-in trail that naturally has up and down, but mainly just go longer and longer.  I have to ;)

Food has been pretty good on the whole.  Need to get some more UDIs for the morning toast before I the road.  Not having breakie is putting me behind.  OTher than that, really no food floury crap to speak of a all.  Even my tacos last night: corn tortilla, chicken and chopped green onion, avo, chopped jalapeno and salsa.  Bam!  And DIPA :)

- Friday 6 miles Lake Murray

- Sunday 6 miles Grossmont HS track and griffith park.
- Sunday 1.5 hike to Mt. Helix top


  1. solid work my friend. stoked you are taking caution with the comeback.. all about sustainability.

  2. Thanks, mang! Welcome back to the future, the best coast. Still that must have been a killer trip.