Monday, February 4, 2013


Sunday did the 6 miles on track and grass, faster pace and felt pretty good.  When I got home, I recovered and then hiked to the top of Mt. Helix with wife and two future trail runners (Jack and Cian).   This hike was done very carefully.  I am a big wuss on the achilles recovery.  During the hike it felt a little tender, but I new I wouldn't do anything too damaging.  So yesterday, 7 miles and the hike gave me a little extra umph.  

But after today, I am really pumped.  The achilles feels strong today.  I was going to run after work only if I felt okay.  After work, I felt great.  Did about 4 miles on a local trail into the dark.  Since I'm scared of the dark, I actually surged at the end.  The achilles feels great knock on wood.  

So I backed up yesterday's run and feel great even now.  I think the hike was key.  So, I will start mixing in some steeper hikes to start integrating vert.  Run flat, hike bigger hills, mountains.  Phase II.

On the food end, pretty solid.  Except today I had some fish tacos that were battered.  And I am bloated.  Wasn't a lot of food and I am distended, uncomfortable.  At a super bowl party, I ate some pulled pork and hot links, and white chili to go with all the beer I drank so yesterday was a bit of a shit house on the food end (just wonky with all the beer and crap).  But felt fine this morning.  The fish tacos sucked.  Keep it straight.

But great news on the run.

- 4 miles Mission Trails

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