Sunday, August 17, 2008

8/11 - 8/17 total: 50 miles

Monday –

  • 2 miles jump-roping and 200 crunches.

Tuesday –

  • 10 miles and 100 crunches and 4x20 second planks.

Wednesday –

  • Ran 9 miles in Penasquitos Canyon w/1700ft. of elevation gain. Kicked my ass. Thought I climbed more. Disappointed. Penasqueets is a grate place, of which I needed to be reminded. Lots of possibilities. I brought my mtb along to hit the trails after the run. Decided to go home and eat. Then I hit the road and biked 15 miles with 1600ft. of climbing. This was almost worse than the run since I haven’t been riding and I road the mtb. Hill repeats and I found a cool trail near my house which I’m going to run . . .a lot. Then I went to the gym and ran 6 miles. So 15 miles of running and 15 miles of cycling.

Thursday –

  • Ran 9 miles nice and easy. 100 crunches, Lucho cores, and planks.

Friday –

  • Errands. But I got in a nice quicky on my urban trail. Hill repeats. Each up and down is about .8 miles. Ended-up with 5 miles (quicky). The hot hills felt good, strong.

Saturday –

  • 10 miles, some hills, some tempo. Felt good.

Sunday –

  • Did my last bit of recon in Idylwild. I have a sick mountain run that starts off highway 74 and reaches the PCT. About 12 round trip, but there is a really nice meadow with a bunch of trails at the trail-head. I suspect the run starts at 4000 and goes to about 6000. We’ll see, my GPS and me. I drove the Pilot all the way to the PCT trailhead. It's like a fire road.

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