Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday - 10 miles . . .at least

Rode the trainer for about 30 minutes or 10 miles - avg about 100 rpm. Then did the stair-master for 20 minutes, the elliptical for 20 minutes and ran 5 miles.

Confession: I have not been stretching. I do a lot of walking, which for me does a pretty good job of cooling things down, loosening-up the legs. But I did pull-out the roller yesterday to give my ITB and ass and quads a good mash. To be honest, I didn't feel the love. My legs feel good, strong. Even a certain little "bump" I used to have on my left cheek isn't there anymore. I do want to keep the hips and ITB good, which I got a nice little reminder about from Inov-8, but on the whole that's the way I roll anyway. I suppose the consistency of aerobic training contributes to this well being. I have the foundation (I'm knocking on wood again). Aahhhh, the consistency (segue). . .

Alan Couzens and Mark's Daily Apple (see "Best Health Tips" of the interview with MizFit) are both talking about consistency right now. GZ got some feed back about his training which mentioned the C word, as well. I'm certainly missing other references blowing-up around me, but the point is: Consistency is central to being successful. Hopefully, one's consistency consists of proven content. JW's got it; he lives by it. And some great diet tips occur on Olympian Simon Whitfield's blog; if I can be consistent on this end, I'll be mountain lion out there. On that last note, go pound some fat!

Cheers to everyone diggun' the dog days. . .


  1. Yeah ... the comment I got on consistency was less about the consistency of getting training in and more about HOW I am training. I have consistently gotten 8-11 hours a week for the last 3 months (and actually longer than that before that if you consider a good deal of it was on the bike because I was injured). The issue is not that consistency. The issue is my consistency in what I am doing in those hours. I am always tweaking, changing, mixing the approach. That might be good, but it does make it difficult to ascertain what specifically is leading to improved results (or not).

  2. gz-However it's being discussed, it's a major consideration in moving forward and reaching/fulfilling some kind of potential. That could mean consistently training (macro), or consistently running hills (micro), or consistently watching the diet. I know it's kinda obvious, but the concept has come up like popcorn popping; it was just a note in my training log.

    Good luck at PP!

  3. dude...everybody is linking up to simon's food post... i just wrote a blog on Vo2 maxxed about it... then there was a link on jeff keils blog, and brand marsh's, you... I love it. eat fat, go fast.