Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wednesday and Thursday - 15 miles

Wednesday - 7 miles. Nice and easy with a little bit of climbing. I worked-out at the gym and sweat so much it was ridiculous. Oh, wait . . . it's because I'm kicking ass. Whatever. When I go to the gym, I plan-on going through at least 2 shirts (WTF!).

Thursday - 8 miles. Hills. I have a little spot near my house with trails but it's all up and down. I will wear the GPS next time to gauge the elevation and no we're not talking about mountains, but we are talking about 6 minute hill intervals with a little technical shnizzle.

Nice day tomorrow. I do Elijo/Dieguito (with which I can hopefully render 15 miles of killer trail with some climbing). Then I get my second ever acupuncture. I've seen her once before and I think the potential is there.

Tell Jen about:

my thyroid
my hip flexor
my right arch
my respiratory system

Get to work, girl!

Then I pick-up my two nieces (5 years and 3 years). Then pick-up Jack. Then all hell breaks loose. Yeeeeah.

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