Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday and Saturday - 15 miles

Friday was supposed to consist of Elijo Lagoon and San Dieguito, hopefully 15 miles. Needlesstosay, it would have been a trail run of soft and supple terrain. Unfortunately, it didn't happen, so I had to hit a local road run, emphasis on the word "road." 10.5 miles later, of which I ran hard, and ended up with 1200ft. of climbing, a little knee injury. No particular injury, but I pounded it. Felt okay after the run but had my acupuncture afterwards; her "work" revealed some serious discomfort in a knee that was fine! The road killed me. Looking back, I definitely ran hard. And there were some descents, but I've done it before. Did Thursday's killer work on the hills contribute? Probably, but not really. The road is out. I have to live this.

My acupuncture was epic. Sure it felt great. But more importantly, it was as if I was visiting a doctor whose sensitivity to the body is sterling. She checked my pulse at the outset. Said my pulse was "wet." We discussed that. I told her my concerns, she observed her own, threw some needles at me and then gave me a killer massage. She's an ultra runner; enough said. I recommend her.

In the end, she said I feel stable, strong. It was a great diagnosis. I was told about a year ago that I have arthritis, shouldn't run hills, etc. This from a number of different pros from a number of different disciplines. I like them all and learned a lot from them all. But Jen, the acupuncturist, is topping the list. She digs. And says I look fairly solid. I'll take it and run.

Saturday, today, I hit the gym and did some non-impact and core work.

I HAVE A CONFESSION TO MAKE: I do not do core work.

It's become a rebellion. If I have time, I run. When I did triathlon, there was plenty to do. When I was a kid, people might ask, have you seen this or that movie? Movie? No. I went surfing, played ball, or smoked some ganga and cruised chicks. Core work? No. I ran 10 miles and bbqed some bratwurst . . . I know the core is tough work, but absolutely critical! I have been a gigantic wuss. It's over. I've caved. I will now accompany my large base and subsequent speedwork with an enormous core encounter. I'm psyched. I have some great ideas, but feel free, if you read this, to offer your own core routines since there are a ton. I'm going to lean on the plank with some of Lucho's suggestions.

Also, it's time to mix it up. I have been running only. I need to ride more. And swim. On that note, it's time to get back to this Olympic coverage. For the record, I'm drinking a Full Sail IPA. Not bad. Racing date coming soon. I've had enough of this layin' around in cruise control .

A few pics speaking to my gig . . .


  1. the acupunture sounds awesome...

    as for the aqua jogging- i think it was very effective. but, i am certainly not a critical scientist or care about that stuff. if it looks like running, feels like running...sounds good to me. (i'm a "feel" person.)

    nothing like treading water (i make forward progress and do "laps") and a much better workout HR-wise (in my opinion) than with the belt. i'm sure others may disagree,maybe form is compromised, but its aquajogging, not rocket science.

    looks like you had a solid week of training...keep it up!

  2. Matt, you inspire me. I scrolled back to read your June 19th post about our trip to SLO, and slapped down a little comment--I think you will appreciate it.

    Go Get 'Em !