Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday - 11 miles

I followed through on the run I mentioned in my last post. I can't believe I've never been to San Dieguito Park. It's got running trails and would be a great place for kids. Is it worth the 25 mile drive up there? Yes. This is a great run, starting at the ocean, running the lagoon and then hitting a gradual hill that finds the Park trails and then becomes steep (I did a few hill repeats once I got there ~mile 5; needlesstosay I was pretty crushed). The little network of trails around the park seems like they'd work in getting some good short hill work. At some point, it's back to the lagoon, so the run is solid and enjoyable.

This is becoming a rather big week for me. Did not really intend it to be since my efforts are harder than I've been doing. In that case, I should probably be cutting volume. Oh well. As long as I don't go 15 miles tomorrow, I should be okay. Tomorrow will be a mellow, easy recovery run and perhaps Sunday I can throw down again. I'm finally consistently running hills. How is one to get good at running hills if he's not? I understand that during base, it's good to keep the HR low, but even later on when one's incorporating some harder workouts, "the coach" will generally prescribe not letting the HR get too high. Well, if one intends on running mountains and big trails, the diet has to consist of a lot of up and down. I remember reading how AJW likes to lean on his weekly 14 mile hilly tempo run. That's what you've gotta do. Sure he does 100s, but trail running is what it is. Beats you up. HRM? Stay in the car.

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