Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday - 0 miles (weekly total: 40 miles)

(Edit: Thanks to Allan Couzens for the borrowed quote.)

And I'm starting the week (Monday) with a big 0 too.

Time to cut back on the daily blogging; I'll keep track of my efforts and post on Sunday with the week's work. Maybe a weekly post will occur because I'm needing to get something down training-wise, so I can expand my reach on that end of things. You see, it's time to get serious. I mentioned my pledge to do core work. My diet needs some serious work (I've been tempted to ask a professional because I'm a derelict when it comes to food and drink). My work-outs need some tinkering, as well. That will unfold as the season starts. Yeah, I said starts. Until I can get myself to the Rockies for summer racing with the big dogs, the summer is all quiet on this western front.

In the next few weeks I'll most likely have a race to report. I can't wait. I need a real test in a real bad way. I have no idea how fit I am. And, no, running around the track with a HRM is not what I'm talking about. The racing really kicks into gear in September. So does school. Until I can learn another more mellow form of income, I'm carrying an overload once again. Sounds like I'm talking about my waist-line. Time to turn the corner.

This is how I feel. Yes, I'm getting a haircut. And pulling myself together in a big way.


  1. You have plenty of time to get ready for the Xterra trail series... as far as the dietician/nutritionist goes... I would say save your $$$. There is a lot of info out there and most of "those" kind of people are still preaching old, bogus shit!

  2. Training begets training, lack of training begets lack of training, the farther you go out there the farther you will go out there ... and realize how un-far you have gone.

    I find that when I get going with training, diet starts to creep in more, core creeps in more ... all the little steps start to creep in more and more so that it becomes a life style.

    The opposite holds true for me as well. When I don't train, everything goes to pot.