Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday - 14 miles (Week total: 60 miles)

Saturday was a.m. to p.m. errands, getting things other than exercise done. Productive, but not. Of course, the week shaped-up to expect such a day.

Today, 14 miles of solid zone 2 with a little harder effort at the end, last couple of miles. Doubled my mileage from last week and I did a few harder efforts. I was actually going to have a follow-up test done on Friday at FitStop. Ken is a great guy, very professional; the little file he puts together before you even leave I found pretty thorough though I am not an experienced "tester." But I canceled the test and will reschedule for the end of August after this 6 week block of harder work-outs. I'm fairly confident the test will be more revealing after I've done some work on my top end. Ken was pretty "satisfied" with my base back on April 1st and suggested I start running intervals and such. I proceeded to start to really build my base. I MAFed more or less for the next 3 months though I'm certain I wasn't the most disciplined of sorts. Nonetheless, as documented here, the vast majority of my running was zone 1 and 2. Testing after that would have revealed . . .. ??? Perhaps (HOPEFULLY) it would have shown an increased ability to burn fat. The first test revealed a descent ability, according to Ken. I want to raise my LT. And my bet is that I'm that much more fit, so I should be burning more fat. I can't wait to see if my zones are altered at all. This is, again, all new (since spring 2008). I look forward to the rendezvous with my HRM at the end of August just to see the effects this speed has had on my MAF HR.

And aside from that, I'm itching to race. A race will make the training that much more fun and focused. I really miss that and have decided to pat my own back for still training so much despite no apparent end in sight though the fall and winter tends to heat up in these parts, race-wise.

I'm pretty stoked on the 60 miles. It feels easy right now. In a way, the harder running (as long as it's off-road) is easier on my joints. If this becomes "easy," I have "a chance." Anyways, ciao.

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