Sunday, August 31, 2008

8/25 - 8/31 total: 27 miles

8/25-27 (Monday – Wednesday)
Moapin’ around the joint. Tired. Uninspired. Over/underwhelmed.

Started a run at Mission Trails that turned into a hike. 5 miles, 2300ft. climbing.
I started running, was thrown a little off by a lot of construction/closed trails, etc.; then I hit the climb that goes from the visitors center off of Mission Gorge Rd. over to the Fortuna Peaks (very steep and fairly long). With the sun just then bursting through the morning’s canopy, it was just enough to encourage a little hiking towards the top where I hoped to run the more rolling parts to N. Fortuna. I felt so heavy it was sad. I didn’t even want to run down hill. I hiked. Actually enjoyed it. I hope CV is absolutely right about the leg/feet muscles not knowing the difference. Either way, a bad work-out/very satisfying work-out. I’m developing a strange yet very common form of schizophrenia.

Hooked up with some ultra runners (Jeremy and wife Kara). 10 miles at Iron Mt. with 3000ft. ascent. They charted a different loop than the one I ran last week. It was fantastic running with others! I felt quite good (strong) on the climbs. The weather cooled and I had fuel with me, unlike the run last week. I was finding that gear that enabled me to keep running despite unrelenting up! This was a good bit of feedback since I’ve been doubting my progress. Jeremy was very cool and suggested a race in October that might work. There’s plenty of racing this fall winter, so I’m going to just keep consistent and know when to push and lay-off. This week is an off week. I want to recover a little. But still train a little.

Starting next week, I’m going to use hours to measure my weeks. Partly because I’m going to start cross-training a little more and don’t want to feel like my weeks are getting soft. I’ve been consistently running 50 miles a week for 4-5 months. I want to start to really tap some speed and strength (strength!!). Mountains must be met with strength and endurance. I’m not running a 5k.

The ruminations will certainly continue.. . .

Went to the gym and did a little spun/run/flex the guns routine (I need to flex the guns more!!). 5 easy miles. But it was a pain. I’ve been running outside a lot more these days on really nice trails. The gym is tough in that it’s, well, the gym. Spun for a half hour but this week I’m not counting that. Remember, starting next week I count hours.

7 miles. Wasn’t even going to run. Getting all prepped for school that starts Tuesday and have pretty much put this week in the bank as a really off week even though it might have been the most productive in that I met some cool ultra runners and will be running with them soon. But I got in 7 miles, about 1000ft. up on the pavement. Yuck. Today I was fat guy. Wow. I will start to pass on these runs I’m afraid since the road beats me up, doesn’t have what I want. I averaged about 7:40 and had to work pretty hard – that’s the way it is for us slow guys – BUT I was feeling warmed-up when I got back home; I was ready to go. I guess that’s the story. I don’t have the speed, but the endurance is there. Friday’s 10 miler with 3000ft up and a couple of fellow runners suggested I have some endurance. The thing is: running on flat, especially flat road, makes me ill. I want to climb and run trails. I think the vision is manifesting itself. Be consistent!

I was thinking on the run about whether or not this analogy works: I’ve been running solo for a long time, grinding it out, coveting the mud, sweat and tears like it’s “my precious.” I did a ½ marathon avg. 7:00 min mile training on my own, without even blogging, without HRM, etc. This has been a super solo act, a massive monologue. I’m over this Golum act. It’s heavy. And might carry a little corollary sickness. But there’s a sweetness as well, hence “my precicous.”

The time has come to join forces with those defending Middle-earth (sorry about the allusions – I really dig the story). It too is a lot of work, but lighter and friendlier, which is terribly important. Am I in a cave fiercely suffering the weight of it all? Or joining my fellow Shire folk, reveling in the hard work, enjoying some old world ale, local produce and lively music?

And it’s not country music!

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  1. Crap. Now I have the lambas bread munchies.

    Steady in the pack ... be consistent and keep driving. The farther you go out there, the farther you go out there (I never really have figured out what that means but it sounds fun).

    Yeah ... I agree with you re: the group. The group thing, particularly if it is a group that will rip you a bit physically and verbally (but in a loving way) has a lot of advantages.