Sunday, December 6, 2009

Free Base

Saturday: 6 miles Aet. Solid run. Pretty flat trail ~8:20/pace.
~57 degrees, breezy, good energy but faded toward the end. Avg. HR 151.

Sunday: Tired (from Sat. night and just tired) so I just hit the tready for 5 miles. Pretty much a progression. The last mile was 7:47, avg HR 143. This was a great run because the treadmill is a lot easier in terms of HR, so one can get the turn-over while still maintaining a flat-out aerobic effort. I felt pretty good after this run. We had a bunch of errands to all day, so it was nice just to get it in after chillaxing most of the morning drinking a lot of homemade (manual) espresso :-)

I would have loved to get in a bigger weekend in terms of miles. But really the weekends can be tougher because of the family time. Still if I wanted to I could've.
The other reason why I'm not too bothered is that I am, whether I want to call it this or not, working on a base. And sure such a program might mean LSD, I've instead been averaging about 6 miles a day, every day. Pretty much. The consistency right now is a top priority, coupled with staying healthy which are one and the same.

These manageable runs are, I'm sure, preventing the over-use injury. I feel the shin-splint "haunt" the left leg occasionally, but it never sets-in. Varying my running surface has been key, my paces, and keeping the mileage in check helps a lot.

I will continue to build mileage some. Right now, I just love developing my ability to run faster easier. That is the most important thing right now. I do not want to "finish" races even when that means 50k. Run everyday. Wake-up, gotta run.

I can't wait for tomorrow.


  1. you're killing it man... running everyday. don't stress the details. just do what you can and what feels good. keep it simple.

  2. Thanks, JW.
    That means a lot.

    I'm just running (and just keeping a little data ;-)