Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where do we go from here

Tuesday: Nada. Tuesdays are always my long day at work, so no pitter-pat.

Wednesday: 10 miles @8:22, 1000ft.+ climbing, avg.HR 152. I worked pretty hard on this one. Wasn't feeling 100%, but sometimes that's the way it goes. Deal with it! Nice to get a run in like this; just went with it although I did end-up on an oval for 3 miles, so I had to "monitor" just a bit :)

Thursday: ~6 miles, avg.HR 146. Felt much better but for the scratchy throat. Coming-off 10 miles and running in 2 year-old trail flats with the standard insoles that suck means I'm absorbing the work pretty well. Definitely a good sign.

Then it was off to my last day of work at San Diego State University. Needless to say, I'm pretty rocked by all of this. Losing a job you've had for roughly 7 years and having made the decision to "walk" from the field feels like free falling. I don't know what I'm going to do. Sure I've been researching, trying to network and maintain a positive attitude, but of course this is big.

One thing I can say: I am leaving with my head held high. And even though HHH might sound a little cliche, it's important. I finished strong. I fulfilled my duties, and maintained my professionalism. Today we talked about the students' final project, a letter to the director of California's Post Secondary Education Commission, revisiting some of the concerns and issues we all face now and in the future. I feel bad for them.

I went into teaching because I enjoyed my own education so much. Believe me, from UC students to the CSU and community college students combined, they are not enjoying this experience. Higher fees, fewer students, fewer classes (with more students), fewer departments, older/duller professors, etc. They are not idiots. They know what's going on.

Again, I am going to maintain a positive attitude and land on my own two feet. . . going pitter-patter.


  1. Quite the header photo.

    While life is much of what happens to us, it is more what we decide to do with what happens to us.

  2. I don't think so - but I am cheesey.

  3. There's much out there that you can now discover and explore. Entrepreneurial life = creativity and challenge. A re-inventing of the frontier mentality where there's a direct correlation between what your put in and get in return.