Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stormy Monday

Wow. Haven't had a storm like this in a while. Lost electricity for about 6 hours last night. Went to a local restaurant for dinner. Thankfully the restaurant's power went-out only after the waiter served my son his corn dog and fries. A lot of rain and wind.

I hit the gym mid-day for a little cross-training. My right foot has had a little discomfort. Some arnica and Traumel have seemed to work. Did I strain it on a run, or during the "Chinese reflexology" I got Saturday night? Who knows. So, my therapy seems to have worked some and I decided at the gym I would take it easy.

What does that mean?

Spin for 30 minutes. And run hills on the mill! 5 miles. 1k warm-up and then alternate between hills and steady flats up through 5k (1k ~4%, 1k steady, 1k ~5%. . .finishing with a hard effort at ~6%). Cool down 2 miles.

Not a lot of running. But some quality. May not get to run today.

I'll survive ;-)

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