Saturday, December 12, 2009


Friday: 7 miles going 3 miles aerobic, 3 miles Aet, and 1 mile of hills (400 ez, 400 ~6% x 2). Felt great. Getting it in. Went to Idyllwild last night, had dinner and was going to stay the weekend, but didn't work-out. Back in town.

Saturday: 45 min. on the home trainer with some short ME intervals (3:00, 4:00, 5:00). I've never really done these on a trainer but the huge gear felt like a good call especially based on what Lucho has explained in the past.

Sunday: Going to see about some local snow and returning for the Charger game. Spending time with some friends drinking some good beers. The trip yielded very very little snow. This last storm just wasn't cold enough. We got up above 6000ft, but the snow was non-existent but for the little crap patch. But, I saw a bunch of trail heads. We stopped at one, took a little jog and took some pictures. The wind was nice! Temp was around 33, but the wind made it relatively colder. Really good times. Can't wait to hit this up very soon. From Julian to Pine Valley, there's a lot going on. Kitchen Creek (nice pics), Sunrise trail (the Birders have the pics!).

I was reminded of running Noble Canyon and bits of the PCT back in '08. There is a lot to do in SD county. Looking forward to getting out there and hunting down some BIG fitness fresh air.