Wednesday, December 2, 2009


7 miles total. 3.15 mile, 8:20 pace 500+ft. up; 3.1 mile, 7:55 pace 450ft. up. ~1 mile cool down. I blew-up around 5.5 miles. I watched it unravel on the HRM, which might be lame, but the data helps some. Bottom-line, the first 5k was easy and solid. The second 5k, a different course (different trail) was me pushing things a little. First 5k avg. HR 152, second 5k avg. 165.

Tomorrow is aerobic. Weekend is a mix. Next week I run some bigger hills (san diego mountains).

It's just nice to feel good.


  1. Whatcha mean you blew up at 5.5 then?

  2. I just didn't feel so comfortable. OR as TW would say, I wasn't breathing every 5 steps (I like that observation).

    Things are coming along despite what it may seem.