Monday, February 8, 2010

Drew Brees

I have to say a few words about the New Orleans quarterback. The guy has had a great four-year run with the Saints. This year, statistically, he was insane.

2009 statistics

514-363 Att/Comp

4,388 Yards

.706† comp.% (NFL record)

34 TDs

11 INTs

109.7 Passer Rating
The bummer for Saints' fans (and most anyone with a bone of objectivity): compare those numbers to Manning's 2009 numbers and wonder why Brees wasn't even in the MVP conversation. Manning ran away with it and Favre got some love too. Brees was left-out of the conversation. And the fact that he's six feet tall is pretty astonishing. He's been the underdog all his athletic life and continues to overcome and dominate (he took PURDUE to the Rose Bowl; wasn't really recruited by any major programs).

In the Super Bowl, I heard today that Brees started-off a little slow in the first quarter, going 3 for 7 on the first drive. After that, 29-32, but one of those misses was a spike. That is sick. His accuracy and overall efficiency numbers for the most part whenever he plays are ridiculous. I'm so happy for the guy.

With out going into all of the details of the drafts, teams, players over the last ten years, the Chargers are starting to look more and more foolish. They let him go for the right to let Rivers captain the San Diego franchise. We might say, sure, good call. Let's just let the next 4 to 5 years play-out on that one. I'm a big Rivers fan, but the younger Manning and Brees might just be kicking some ass and collecting hardware.

Let's go, Bolts. Get it together!

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